• Harnessing And Teaching Your Horse To Drive
  • Correct Saddle Selection for Horse and Rider
  • Correct Saddling And Saddle Fitting
  • Choosing Your Bit And Sizing It to Your Horse
  • De-Worming The Difficult Horse
  • Clipping Your Horse For The First Time
  • Clipping A Sceptical Horse
  • Preparing Horses For Farriers
  • Rope Handling And Knot Tying
  • Ground Tying Your Horse
  • Choosing The Correct Horse For Yourself
  • Bathing And Fly Spraying Your Sceptical Horse
  • Colt Starting
  • Legs And Lead Changes
  • Trailer Skills
  • Listening To Your Horse
  • Problem Solving
  • Gaining Respect Through Trust
  • Overcoming Frustration
  • How Pressure affects Your Horse
  • Communication Through Consistency
  • Partnership Strategies
  • Ground Work

Rider Training Services

Horsemanship Services

Stable Services

Kim Rogers Rider Training offers a broad range of services from beginner to advanced horse riding lessons. Whatever skill level you are, if you're looking to improve your riding, regain the confidence you once had or even learn to ride for the very first time, you can be taught from a highly reputable trainer n a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Please contact us for further information or to arrange bookings.

Problem solving under saddle (with or without rider) 

Starting young horses over fences 

Equine management/first aid 

Rehab for injured horses returning to work 

Schooling young/challenging horses

Trail and road riding

  • 24/7 Managed Horse Care
  • Fully Equipped Stable Facilities
  • Training Arena
  • Guided Trail Rides Available
  • Temporary Overnight Stalls Available

Individual lessons from beginner to advanced riders.

Group lessons 

Beginner adult lessons

Show preparation 

Regaining and building confidence in nervous riders 

Aiding in relationship building between horse and rider 

Triple H Stables is our main base of operation and offers boarding facilities for your horse. Experienced horsemen and women are on hand 24/7 to ensure the very best care for all your horses from pleasure horses to seasoned competitors.

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  • Horse Training Clinics
  • Rider Training Center
  • Transport Facilities
  • Secure Pastures
  • Loyal & Trustworthy Service